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A better community

ARE's people-first approach revolves around being there for you and impacting the community – this is why a portion of every sale goes back into a foundation that is set up to empower and benefit the community. By serving you when you buy or sell, move in or move away, we are also serving our wider community.

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Father and son on playground
Father and two son picking fruit

A better home

Welcome to a city based on completely different principles. Auranga is a new values-based community that brings back the sense of neighbourhood and togetherness that people miss. Auranga celebrates people loving where they live. Every aspect of the community is designed to lift your quality of life and ARE is here to play our role in realising this vision of a better place to call home.

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Service beyond a sale

Our team are there every step of the way. We’ll introduce you to our unique vision, exciting opportunities, guide and listen to your needs, celebrate with you as you step through the door of your new home, and make sure you have the best start to becoming a member of the Auranga community.

Inspired living

Auranga redefines how people choose to live together. Be part of a community where you genuinely contribute and where others step in selflessly to support and help you out. ARE believes this is the better way for new communities and wants to do its part to continue this into the future. Right now, we have opportunities for land and new homes available. Join us as we help shape Drury as a better city. 

From stranger to friends

Auranga is not just a place to build a brand-new home, but a home to build brand new friendship with with people who share the same way of living. Let us introduce you to Auranga and how you can unlock the most of thriving here. 

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