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We are

We are

Licensed Real Estate Agency
REA 2008

We are

Auranga Residential Estates (ARE) was created to fundamentally define how a real estate agency could work with people to build a powerful community where its residents feel belonging.

Our team has been here since the very beginning, Auranga is at the heart of everything we do. No-one understands this place and knows her stories better than us.

At ARE, we judge our success by our ability to foster rich, genuine human relationships. We are your neighbour here, and we pride ourselves on serving you just as the community prides itself on serving each other. We’ll do everything we can to give you the clearest picture of the vision for this community.

Let us introduce you to a better way of living where the focus is on serving others, where nature is celebrated, where neighbours are generous and where there is security in belonging. Let’s chat!

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Auranga begins here

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The vision, values and story of Auranga come alive at the Auranga Centre. This imaginative and colourful space is where every journey to Auranga starts. It’s a place to experience what makes this such an exciting place to live. Come and have a coffee and experience one of our guided tours.

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The Auranga Centre is an expression of Auranga’s own journey, and an invitation for you to be part of that. Our role is to introduce you to what this community values and to be there with you as you become part of what makes Auranga so special.

169 Bremner Road, Auranga